Thumb Buster Weekends

Every year in May, Camp Pirtle gets a make over! Ranger Ken keeps track of the "To Do" list as it gets longer during the prior year. This is the list that needs help from Scouters like you! Projects range from easy to difficult and require a variety of skills and skill levels. You might be asked to paint a wall, clear a trail, fix plumbing, remove bulk trash, cut down a tree, repair an A/C unit or anything else Camp Pirtle guests and Ranger Ken deem as "needs improvement"! 

Lunch will be provided.

What to Bring With You

While Ranger Ken has quite the tool shed, he doesn't have everything! Please bring basic gear like work gloves, hammers & nails, paint brushes & tape, saws & shovels. If you are certified in a specific field (ex: HVAC, electrician, plumber, forester, etc), please let us know and bring your field-specific tools!

Always bring water bottles, sun screen, closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing (layers are always smart). 

How to Sign Up

Contact Ranger Ken to get your name(s) on the list. If you're interested in organizing this event next year, contact the Council Office at (903) 597-7201.