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All groups are expected to adhere to the following safety precautions and stewardship principles. Activities planned by individual units must be coordinated with Council Program Director and Camp Ranger. District events will be coordinated with the Program Director.

  • All cars/trucks are to park in main parking lot. Only vehicles displaying a camp pass issued by the Camp Ranger may enter camp beyond the gates. After transporting group gear to the campsite, vehicles must immediately return the vehicle to the main parking lot.
  • ATVs (4 wheelers, golf carts, etc) are not allowed on camp property.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on camp property unless prior approval is received from the Council Program Director. Bicycle use will be allowed for planned activities with proper safety equipment and supervision.
  • During district events, a maximum of 6 vehicles may be selected to help in the transport of large items to campsites, etc.
  • Personal camping gear (backpacks, etc) should be hiked in to campsites by participants.
  • Only ETAC employees may operate Camp vehicles, including tractors.
  • All camp owned equipment must be issued by the Camp Ranger or by his officially designated representative.
  • The buildings and program area that make up the training facility should be used primarily for training events. Other uses must be coordinated through the Program Director.