Dogwood District

Anderson and Wood Counties & Smith County Hispanic outreach units

Total available youth – 11,040
Currently served youth – 1,230 youth/49 units (Density = 11.1%)
§Anderson County Density = 4.1%
§Wood County Density = 7.7%
§Hispanic outreach Smith County Density = 32% 
New recruitment from the following schools systems:

Alba-Golden ISD, Cayuga ISD, Elkhart ISD, Frankston ISD, Hawkins ISD, Mineola ISD, Neches ISD, Palestine ISD, Quitman ISD, Slocum ISD, Westwood ISD, Winnsboro ISD, and Yantis ISD

*Allows refinement of outreach efforts to a geographically-specific area
*Provides experienced unit service throughout the district 
*Facilitates serving Hispanic youth through non-outreach activities