Scout Me In

Dear Pack Leader,

We find ourselves at an historic time in the history of Scouting.  Beginning this summer, Cub Scouts will open its doors to officially recognizing that the entire family may participate in the program.

It is inevitable and undeniable that young women will join Cub Scouts in East Texas.  What remains to be determined, however, is which Packs they will join in doing so.  We are sure that you have had conversations amongst yourselves already.  The time has come to make the decisions of each pack official and to record those decisions in our BeAScout membership system.

Between the Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative, each pack needs to determine if it will serve only boys, if it will start a unit to serve only girls or if they will become a family program.  

Please record your answer by June 4th.  This will allow us time to process the results and update BeAScout pins as well as establish any new Cub Scout packs to serve girls before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  Remember, even if your pack chooses not to enroll girls, your chartered organization may be approached to start a girl-serving pack.

Should you have questions or concerns or like assistance in making your pack decision, reach out to District Commissioners and District Executives from your local district. Additional information and materials are available on the National Council website.

To record your response, use the following link to start your survey: