Council Communications College

posted Jan 11, 2017, 12:56 PM by John Royar   [ updated Feb 15, 2017, 11:53 AM ]

Unit, District and Council Leaders,

Following the Council Board meeting on Tuesday, the Council Key-3 discussed the Council Communications College (CCC) event and felt it’s critical for not only for unit volunteers to participate, but we would like to have all District members participating in the College without adding another meeting night to your busy schedule.  The date of this event is being changed to the 3rd Thursday of the month (2/16/17). Therefore, yesterday we asked the District Key-3 to cancel their Committee meeting in February and join us in Henderson.  We will provide a small period for District breakouts to conduct critical business in our agenda. We will conduct a total of 4 CCC meetings in 2017, leaving 8 months Districts will hold a meeting your local area.

Some Districts have started holding a short Commissioners Meeting prior to your Committee Meeting and would recommend you continue this during the nights of the CCC.

This is a new program for 2017 with 4 total sessions planned for this year. Please reserve this night and start making plans to carpool.

Please join us for fellowship prior to the opening as we will serve hot dogs starting at 6:30.

RSVP on the Council's Facebook Group event page for this meeting so we know how many hot dogs to prepare.

Agenda for Feb 16

6:30  Pre-Opening time and District Commissioner meetings

7:00  Opening

7:05  Learning Session 1 (15 min)

District and Council organization/Leadership-Governance

7:20  Communications Session (15 min)

Tools our Council uses for Communications and Training

7:35  Learning Session 2 (20 min)

Finance Management (FOS- Community and Family)

7:55  Questions/Answers/Announcements

8:00  Commissioner Minute (1 min)

8:01  District Breakouts if needed (15 min)