Attention: All Current ETAC Registered and Approved Merit Badge Counselors

posted Oct 31, 2016, 1:43 PM by John Royar

BSA requires that all merit badge counselors indicate that they wish to be rechartered as a merit badge counselor before the charter expiration date of December 31 of every year. Anyone who does not so indicate will necessarily have to be dropped from the charter on renewal and reapply. In addition their YPT must be current at the time of rechartering. An expired YPT will cause a merit badge counselor to be dropped at the time of the YPT expiration preventing them from continuing as an approved counselor to sign off on completed requirements.

To avoid a last minute rush, you can request to renew now for 2017 (January 1 through December 31) in ONLY one of the following ways.

No Changes

1.      An individual sends an email to Bill Cox ( and indicate “yes” to keep everything the same.

2.      The unit submits a listing of their merit badge counselors who want to renew without changes to Bill Cox. The email must contain the unit number and the name and email for the contact person to resolve any questions. This list will be accepted as an affirmative response from all listed to renew.

With Changes (Add or Drop Merit Badges)

1.      The individual must submit a fully completed and signed Merit Badge Counselor Information Form #34405, listing merit badges to be added or dropped and emailing or mailing it directly to Bill Cox at P O Box 1340, Whitehouse, Texas 75791 for review and approval of any additions (A). The submission of this form will serve as an affirmative response to renew.

2.      The unit submits the required Information Forms in the same manner as 1 above to include information as to the name and contact information for the person to resolve any questions. These forms will be accepted as an affirmative response to renew.

THE DUE DATE FOR RESPONSES IS DECEMBER 18TH TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO GET THEM ENTERED. Any responses from any source received after the 18th, and if there is time to get them entered, will be entered based on the date and time received. There is no guarantee late notices will get renewed.

 If a person is dropped as of December 31st, they must apply again to become a counselor with a new application, information form and valid YPT training.

A list or a link to the list of 2016 registered and approved counselors is attached. Note this list was run September 14, so anyone who has submitted an application and/or Information form that is not may contact Bill Cox to verify the status of your application.
John Royar,
Oct 31, 2016, 1:43 PM