Merit Badge Counselors - YPT

posted Sep 5, 2017, 2:58 PM by John Royar

Attention Merit Badge Counselors

BSA requires that all Merit Badge Counselors maintain an in-force certificate of Youth Protection Training. It must be in force in order for the counselor to be authorized to sign off on requirements for their specifically approved merit badges even if they are currently registered. An expired certificate of Youth Protection training automatically defaults to not meeting the MBC requirements. The following attached list (YPT MBC Status 8.25.2017.xlsx) is of currently registered merit badge counselors whose YPT has expired or is less than 30/60 & 90 days from expiring. Those that have already expired are no longer authorized to sign off on any merit badge requirements past their date of expiration It is possible that an error has occurred within the system and the individual has simply not received credit. If those individuals will furnish a copy of their certificate or training card to me, I will see if we can correct the official record and reinstate privileges to serve as a merit badge counselor and contribute to the boy’s scouting experience.

Please keep in mind that BSA requirements concerning YPT are first and foremost for the protection of our youth and for the counselor’s protection as well.

Bill Cox

ETAC – Program Committee

Boy Scout Chair
John Royar,
Sep 5, 2017, 2:58 PM